Should Every Business Provide KVKK Training to Employees?

Nowadays, breaches in data security may be caused by external sources, but may also be caused by the employees of the Data Controller. These negligences carry risks that may lead to heavy sanctions for companies and cause the imposition of high administrative fines. 

One of the most important steps to be taken to avoid being subjected to these sanctions is the studies to be carried out to raise awareness of employees about KVKK.

In line with this purpose, the Personal Data Protection Authority has specified the administrative and technical cautions to be taken by Data Controllers in the Personal Data Security Guide. 

In the Guide, it is emphasised as an administrative caution that the Data Controller should provide training to its employees and carry out awareness activities and repeat these trainings periodically every year.  

Informing companies within the scope of data security policies through KVKK Awareness Trainings and increasing the awareness of their employees on KVKK and data security issues are very important for companies in terms of minimising risks and creating a secure corporate image.

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