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Digitalize your data compliance processes with trust, manage sustainable solutions in one platform!



Project management with experienced Legal, IT and Business Management teams.


100% compliance with KVKK
GDPR and ETK processes


Automation and digital evolution of all your end-to-end processes.


Sustainable solutions
in big data world
Hesap Verebilirlik


Being transparent and
accountable in terms of law


Easy management
in one platform
DCP Trust


KVKK Solution - DCP Legal

  • Compliant management of data compliance processes with laws and regulations
  • Creation and management of personal data inventory within the scope of regulations
  • Easy tracking of revisions with automatic versioning for each new change
  • Continuity in personal data and compliance process

IYS Solution – DCP Permission

  • Keeping data from all channels in a single structure integrated with IYS
  • End-to-end management of all processes between the brand and IYS
  • Efficient management of different permission types
  • Transfer of permission and all requests to IYS and transfer of permission and rejection requests from IYS to the company

DCP Trust


DCP Legal
Integrated legal technology software with your legal department and accelerates your compliance process.
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DCP Permission
Your data is your power with DCP Permission, the authorized central data management program for the KVKK/GDPR compliance process.
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Sustainable Personal Data and Compliance Process Road Map

DCP Trust


KVKK Technical Compliance Consultancy

  • Data compliance processes are managed from end to end, consultancy is provided throughout the entire process
  • The modules most compatible with the brand and organizational structure are selected and a roadmap is drawn up.
  • Installation of applications is provided, training is provided for usage

Legal Technologies Consultancy

  • Customizations are made in the application for brand needs
  • With our tree structure application, group companies are managed centrally under on it
  • A structure is prepared that works integrated with all external applications of the brand

KVKK Audit Services

  • An audit is planned to measure the compliance of the measures taken within the scope of data security with the legislation
  • In the first phase; KVKK compliance process awareness audit is planned
  • In the second phase; KVKK compliance process applicability audit is planned
  • As a result of the audit, the findings are extracted and shared with the departments
  • In the final stage, the audit report is prepared

KVKK Training Services

  • The needs of the brand are determined by the preliminary meeting
  • A roadmap for the brand is created
  • The departments/persons that need training are determined
  • Extensive training is planned for the needs of the brand

Consent Data Management and IYS Consulting

  • Data held in multiple sources are gathered under a single structure and data singularity is ensured.
  • The authorized data obtained within the scope of KVKK /GDPR or ETHDK are stored separately and managed easily & centrally
  • The most up-to-date and accurate version of commercial electronic message permissions is kept
  • Different types of permissions can be managed such as IYS, Location Tracking, ETHDK, Cookies, Personal Data Processing, Loyalty Program Membership, International and Domestic Transfer
  • End-to-end management of all processes between your brand and IYS

KVKK Inventory Management Services

  • Consultancy service to brands in the process of preparing data inventory in compliance with KVKK and legislation
  • It is ensured that data inventories can be followed easily and up-to-date on the digital platform
  • Data inventory preparation, action plan creation is provided
  • It is ensured that the necessary administrative policies and procedures are prepared
  • Consultancy service in the processes of creating a Verbis registration and preparing legal texts

DCP Trust

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