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Meet DCP Legal!

DCP Legal, a legal technology software developed to manage data governance processes for all data controllers Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) in Turkey and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe.

DCP Legal safely manages your company's data compliance with its integrated modules.

DCP Legal

General Features

User Friendly Structure

Fully Integrated with External Applications

Multi-Language Support

1-Core / Multi-Database Structure in SaaS Environment

KVKK & GDPR Compliant

Central Management of Group Companies Under Single Platform with Its Tree Structure

DCP Legal

KVKK Solution

  • Compliant management of data compliance processes with laws and regulations
  • Creation and management of personal data inventory within the scope of regulations
  • Easy tracking of revisions with automatic versioning for each new change
  • Continuity in personal data and compliance process

Who Can Benefit?

  • Including all departments of companies that process data; especially IT departments and Human Resources departments
  • All companies and organizations in the private sector and public institutions.
  • Institutions that want to easily manage their data inventory and monitor their business processes from a digital platform
  • Companies that want to keep the processed personal data up-to-date by documenting them digitally

Why It Is Important?

  • Every legal person data controller who processes personal data is obliged to create a data processing inventory.
  • It ensures that the data inventories that companies need to create due to their obligations are easily and up-to-date on the digital platform and that the inventory is always up-to-date before the legislator.
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