DCP Permission

What is DCP Permission?

It is an authorized data management program that provides central data management by keeping the personal data permissions obtained by the Data Controller within the scope of KVKK/GDPR and the commercial electronic message permissions from all channels within the scope of the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce (ETDHK) and the Regulations.

DCP Permission

General Features

KVKK and ETK Consent Management

Database Independent Structure

Multiple Channel Support

Data Deduplication and Enrichment Service

Customer Management

IYS Integration

Target Group Creation

Integration with All Parties

Instant Reporting

Creating Permission-Specific History

DCP Permission

IYS Solution

  • Keeping data from all channels in a single structure integrated with IYS
  • End-to-end management of all processes between the brand and IYS
  • Efficient management of different permission types
  • Transfer of permission and all requests to IYS and transfer of permission and rejection requests from IYS to the company

Permission Types

  • IYS Integration
  • Geocoding
  • Personal Data Consent
  • ETK (SMS, E-mail, Phone) Consent
  • Cookie
  • Sensitive Personal Data Consent
  • Loyalty Program Membership Consent

Why It Is Important?

  • Thanks to the support of multi-channel structure, DCP Permission collects the feeder kept in multiple sources under a single structure and provides data singularity.
  • All data can be integrated with IYS and managed easily and centrally by keeping KVKK / GDPR and ETK permissions separate.
  • It is integrated with the IYS for keeping and transferring the most up-to-date and accurate version of commercial electronic message permissions within the scope of the ETDHK.
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