Personal Data Protection in the Digital World

Personal data is defined as “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person” in the Personal Data Protection Law. The protection of personal data is directly linked to the right to privacy and protection of private life. 

Technology has been developing and changing rapidly in recent years. Internet, social networks and digital platforms are the channels where people share their information, communicate, exchange information and spend a lot of time. This new digital world creates an insecure environment for data security and privacy, which is today's most valuable resource.

The protection of personal data is great concern for companies. Major companies in the digital world, especially social media platforms, have been fined heavily in recent years for violating users' privacy. Although digitalization contributes to companies, they should take technical and administrative cautions to protect themselves from the negative effects of digitalization on issues such as cyber-attacks, network security and data protection.

It will be a accurate process management for all departments to take all necessary cautions in the process of protecting personal data, to act in accordance with these cautions and to take the necessary actions. Violations of data security may originate from external sources as well as from the employees of the Data Controller. In this context, all departments must be provided with awareness training on the cautions to be taken. In companies' journey to adapt to digital transformation, investments in privacy and KVKK compliance should be seen as a good opportunity to improve business processes and customer relations.

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