I. Data Subject

Under the Personal Data Protection Law (Law), numbered 6698, your data is processed by DCP Governance and Information Technologies Inc. (Company), as the data controller, under the conditions described below.

II. Processed Data and Data Categories

The company may process data subject’s identity information; name-surname, communication information; mobile phone and e-mail address, company name, and other information that users wish to share via Demo Request or Information Request.

For users creating a demo account, data, and data categories below can be processed:

User Identity Information Name, Surname, Identity Number
Contact Information Address, e-mail address and mobile phone number
Security IP adress, web site and login-logout information, password information and data gathered with cookies.

III. Methods of Collecting Personal Data and Legal Reasons

Our company gathers personal data directly from you, our customers, in the form of data learned electronically or in writing through the "Demo Request" or "Information Request" tab. The personal data obtained under the personal data processing conditions specified in the Law and the relationship's performance will be between you and us. And to ensure compliance of the activities with the legislation, limited to the following purposes, provided that we establish a contractual relationship with you or are directly related to our performance obligation arising from this contract, it is necessary to process your data. It is also required to fulfill our legal obligation (for example, approval and registration processes for commercial electronic messages). Where necessary, your explicit consent from you is processed in line with legal reasons. Identity and contact information for our demo account users; Provided that it is directly related to the establishment or execution of a contract, the processing of personal data belonging to the contract parties is necessary, and data processing is required for the establishment, exercise, or protection of a right.

IV. For Which Purpose Personal Data Will Be Processed

Communication, in particular, to establish a contractual relationship with you and manage all phases of this contract process, to plan and execute end-to-end marketing processes, to prepare and present the most relevant offer to you, to ensure information security and legal transaction security, and to ensure that activities are carried out under the legislation. Actions, providing your data's accuracy, performing statistical evaluations and market research, conducting customer relationship management processes, conducting activities aimed at customer satisfaction, and carrying out products/services' marketing processes.

V. Transfer of Processed Personal Data

In particular, communication establishes a contractual relationship. Our company takes care to process your data under the "need to know" and "need to use" principles by providing the necessary data minimization and taking the required technical and administrative security measures. Since the execution or supervision of business activities, ensuring business continuity, and the operation of digital infrastructures need continuous data flow with different stakeholders, we have to transfer the personal data we process to third parties for specific purposes. Your data must also be accurate and up-to-date to fully and adequately fulfill our contractual and legal obligations. For this, we have to work with various business partners and service providers.

Your data is limited to the realization of the purposes mentioned above and the fulfillment of these purposes; Our service providers are providing our IT infrastructure, our solution partners in the field of communication and electronic communication, with the relevant service providers and business partners to communicate with the customer in line with their likes and preferences, profiling, segmentation, analysis, usage preferences, privatization of the services offered, marketing and advertising services in this field With our business partners and service providers, the Ministry of Commerce and its authorized company in the context of recording the message management system (MMS) for the management of messages, and with the authorized commercial message infrastructure provider for message delivery, our relevant business partners, our consultants for the management of financial processes, detection, and evaluation of risks, prevention of fraud. And our service providers, our business partners who provide services in the field of quality control, complaint management and risk analysis, and relevant lawyers, auditors and experts within the scope of fulfilling legal obligations; it may be shared with supervisory and supervisory institutions and competent authorities such as courts and enforcement offices for the purposes specified in this text.

VI. Data Subject Rights

As the person whose personal data is processed, to use your requests under the Communiqué on Application Procedures and Principles to Data Supervisor, within the scope of Article 11 of the Law, regulating the rights of the data subject, (learning to process personal data, requesting information about the processing, learning the suitability of the processing, knowing the persons to whom the transfer is made, requesting correction of incomplete or incorrect processing, deletion or destruction, request notification of all automated transactions to third parties, objection to the analysis, demanding compensation), you can fill out the Data Subject Request Form and send it to [email protected] or İzzetpaşa Mah. Abide-i Hürriyet Cad. No: 158/4 Şişli / İstanbul, you can contact us at (0532) 266 14 10.

VII. Commerical Electronic Message

DCP Trust may contact you for various purposes, including providing information about the campaigns, benefits, promotions, promotions, advertising, surveys, surveys, and other customer satisfaction practices carried out by DCP Trust over your contact information, including your mobile phone number, e-mail address. can communicate. In this context, if you consent to contact you by checking the relevant box at the approval stage, you will have given your consent for these commercial communications.

In case you no longer wish to be contacted within this scope, you can always use the possibility of refusing to receive commercial electronic messages free of charge by contacting DCP Trust using the methods specified by DCP Trust. The fact that you have exercised the right of refusal does not prevent the notification (e.g., debt reminder, account-related information, etc.) that can be sent even if the DCP Trust is subject to the relevant legislative provisions.


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